Antifreeze - effective engine protection at all temperatures

Neste's efficient coolant additive package protects the engine and cooling system of a vehicle at both low and high temperatures. The Neste product range includes both traditional coolants and high-quality coolants with an extended replacement interval for many car brands. They have excellent frost resistance and perfectly protect the cooling system from corrosion.


Neste coolants are either ethylene of propylene glycol -based coolants suitable for cooling systems of mobile fleet. Glycols used as the base fluid provide good protection against freezing and varied additives protect the cooling system components from corrosion.

Change interval

The additives used in the coolant dictate its performance, which together with the engine manufacturer’s recommendations determine the change interval.

Freeze resistance and its measurement

The freeze resistance of ethylene glycol -based coolants can be measured either with a gravimeter or a refractometer. However, measurement with gravimeter may produce inaccurate results due to, for example, impurities and additives included in the coolant. In most cases, refractometer gives more accurate results. Measurement of propylene glycol -based coolants (Neste Biocoolant Longlife) cannot be performed with a gravimeter, because when the specific gravity of water and base glycol is almost the same, the propylene glycol volume cannot be determined. In this case, refractometer is the correct usable measuring device.