Purchasing and payment

How do I make purchases from the Neste lubrications e-store?
When making a purchase, first choose the suitable products and add them to the shopping cart. For a smoother and quicker buying process, you can also make a purchase without signing in.
After the purchase you will receive a confirmation e-mail on your entered e-mail address.


Do I need to sign in to make a purchase?
No. You do not need to sign in to make a purchase, however we recommend you to do so, because then you can see your purchase history and change your contact information.


Are the prices with or without VAT?
All the prices in Neste e-store are in euros (EUR) and include VAT.


Where can I order the items?
Ordered items will be delivered to the customer’s desired address within Estonia.


I have paid for the items, but the confirmation e-mail (or invoice) has not been received.
Please notify our customer service at sales@neste.com or call 5057892


Is it possible to pay according to the invoice?
Yes. An advance payment can be made on the basis of an invoice or within the credit limit set out in the cooperation agreement.
The advance payment invoice is issued after the order has been created. Neste issues the full payment of the invoice after the advance payment of the item.
The notification/invoice is sent to the e-mail after the delivery of the item to the customer.


Delivery-related questions

How much does the delivery of items cost?
Delivery of items with a weight up to 150 kg is EUR 29.90
NB! Purchases starting from the weight of 150 kg will be delivered to you FOR FREE!


How quickly will the goods reach me?
The courier delivers the items directly to the address indicated on the order. Items purchased from Monday to Friday will be delivered within 2-6 business days.


On what basis will the items be handed over on delivery?
In the case of courier services, an identification document should be provided upon receipt of the goods: An ID card, driving licence or a passport.


What happens if I can't receive the goods?
Please notify our customer service at sales@neste.com or call 5057892


Return and exchange of goods

Can items purchased from an e-store be returned?
Yes. You have the right to return the items purchased from an e-store, if it is a defective item.
NB! The returned goods must be in the original packaging and must not be tampered with.


Which items cannot be returned?
The right of withdrawal of items shall not apply to items the object of which is:

  • an item which has been opened after delivery
  • the transfer of an item which, by its very nature, is mixed or connected with another item after the transfer in such a way that they cannot be separated from each other.


How can I return or exchange an item?
Proceed as follows: Contact Neste customer service sales@neste.com or call 5057892, where you can submit your order code and contact information.


What do I have to do if there's a problem or a claim?
If, upon receiving the products, it appears that the products are not what was ordered, are defective or in broken packaging, immediately notify sales@neste.com or call 5057892.


My account

I have forgotten my password. What should I do next?
From the main page head to “Sign in” and press “I want a new password”. Enter the user name of your account or the e-mail address that you use for your account in the box, and then press “E-mail New Password”.
We'll send a new password to the email address you entered.

How can I change my password?

From the main page head to “My account”.

  1. In the “Current password” field, enter a valid password first.

  2. Then enter the new password in the field named “Password”

  3. To avoid errors, enter the new password for the second time in the field named “Confirm password”

Press "Save and your password has been successfully changed!


How can I change my address?
Sign in to the maardeanined.neste.ee page. You can change the address by formulating an order and clicking “Edit” under “Invoicing information”.
You can also save several different addresses in the selection by doing the following: “Select address” in the “Enter new address” column and fill in the necessary fields.


Discounts and campaigns

How do I use the discount coupon code?
To apply the discount, enter the coupon code when the purchase is formalised. Under “Customer data”, there is a field named “Coupon code” where you enter the given code.
NB! The discount is later reflected on the invoice.