We have the world’s most Finnish lubricant

From the heat of a sauna directly to ice-cold water in a hole in the ice. From the light of white nights in summer to the darkness of arctic nights in winter. From scorching heat to freezing temperatures, slush and slippery conditions.

We know extreme conditions only too well. We were born to overcome them. Our world-class expertise promises you more power, less loading on the environment and performance for the toughest challenges. Our products are developed in Finland and designed to overcome the demanding and varied conditions of the north. Because they withstand these conditions, they withstand anything. Everywhere.

We are providing our customers with the latest high technology using our decades-long research and development experience. Our high quality lubricants are based on the unique NEXBASE™ base oil refined in Finland. Together with the world’s best additives, NEXBASE™ makes our lubricants world-beaters. Actions speak louder than words. The quality and reliability of Neste products is proven in extreme conditions. Every day, in all continents. When you want the best, when you expect pure professionalism and demand OEM-approved performance, Neste lubricants are your choice.

You will find the solutions to your needs in our extensive product range Neste lubricants have been granted quality certificates complying with ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our product range has the exact solutions to your needs, from professional traffic to heavy industry. To make finding the right products easier, the products listed in this catalog are divided according to the most typical uses. In addition, our product range includes special products for the most demanding uses. We are constantly developing our products in order to respond to our customers’ ever-changing needs. That is why product names, specifications and classifications may change. There is a list of old and new product codes at the end of the product catalogue.