Why Choose Neste Lubricants?


  • Neste is not only the largest producer of fuel in Northern Europe, but also one of the leading producers of high-technology NEXBASE™ base oils (EHVI) which are a basis of modern high-quality lubricants.
  • Neste’s top quality lubricants are primarily based on its own NEXBASE™ base oils. These lubricants represent the high end of development both in transport and industry uses.
  • NEXBASE™ base oils are globally used in the manufacture of high-quality synthetic engine oils and transmission oils. World famous global manufacturers of lubricants as well as large regional manufacturers are customers of Neste Base Oils.
  • Anti-friction (friction resistant) and thermally sound (heat resistant) NEXBASE™ base oils together with effective additives are the best possible foundation for lubricants.
  • Additives producers play an important role in development of engine manufacturing technologies as they develop increasingly advanced additives manufacturing technologies. The leading additives producers in the world are Infineum, Lubrizol, Oronite, and Afton. Neste actively cooperates with additives producers.
  • The development of Neste lubricants takes into account the harsh northern conditions with very large seasonal temperature extremes. Starting and operating equipment in arctic conditions are more demanding to lubricants as compared, for example, to the Central and Southern Europe.
  • Neste lubricants are developed and tested in Finland.
  • Neste lubricants are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.